8K video

8K resolution video is the current highest definition television resolution in video and digital cinematography. 

8K video have jumbo size 7680×4320 pixels.

Every frame is 33.2 megapixels photo.

Usage of 8K video in your company will cause interest of you on your clients. It will help your company gain good reputation, to be known as an innovative and hi-tech company, and it will cause people and media to talk about you. 

Now, you can already view 8k video TV: Samsung Q900, Dell 8K Monitor: UP3218K, 8k video wall.

My 8k video can be used as a demo for 8k TV, be used in commercials, can even be used in non tech complanies. Imagine - in a travel business office there is a huge wall of a scene of nature, with the quality you can't get from paper printing, an ocean wave, palm leaves being moved by the wind, all in real time.

Or at least you can view my Extraordinary 8k footage on 4k TV :-(

Andrey Denisyuk / ThisNight

• professional videographer and photographer
• videographer of 8K Super UHD video

Rights-Ready video - contributor of GettyImages

Rights-Managed video - contributor of Dissolve

Royalty-Free video - Exclusive artist of iStockPhoto and GettyImages

My way in video on a joint of art and technology. 

I work in highest level and I am find new art idea and new tech level. 

I make stock video ready for а commercials, have my style of make video composition and color correction, make recognazy view of city, beutyfull video of nature, conceptual video.

You can buy my ready work

• 8K video personally me thisnight21@gmail.com

• Right-Manager video on GettyImages.com

• Right-Manager video on Dissolve.com

• Royalty-Free video on iStockPhoto and GettyImages

• Archive concert photo I will give it to you as a gift :-) 

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