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Love and Loneliness.

The theme of loneliness in the modern world is often raised by many contemporary artists. In my photographs, I propose to look at it from new and unexpected sides.

In Lonely Couple on the Stairs in the Business Downtown of Paris, I talk about the disproportion between two single people and corporate business.

I love this photo “couple making a picnic at sunset” because it conveys the atmosphere, the joy of togetherness (from the word secluded) in nature, serenity.

Empty Paris and coople doing a morning jog is a different take on loneliness in a big empty city.

The photo “going towards the crowd, subway New York city” is dedicated to my favorite lines from childhood by the Russian poet and musician Andrei Makarevich:

With all due respect to the law,
I walk the streets differently than everyone else:
Correct all the rules of the movement,
On the opposite sidewalk.

I see only one reason for this
As simple as a Columbus egg:
Walking in the stream, you see only the backs,
Walking towards, you see everyone in the face …

In other works in this series, I develop the theme of love and loneliness (one or couple)” at Union Square Manhattan New York, Paris Business Downtown, Paris Street close Galeries Lafayette.

Alone in World. One or Copple
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