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​Portfolio Andrey Denisyuk

Videographer and photographer

• Fine Art Photography

• Video Art in 8K

Creative video

Creative Video For Mass Media

Documentary Films

Concert photographer 

IMG_5340 copy.jpg

My current interest is to make 8k video art. Real-time, timelapse, hyperlapse.

 8K Super Ultra High-definition video (UHDTV) is jumbo size 7680 × 4320 (33.2 megapixels).

It is Hi-tech, unique, and Exceptional video - New Video Art.

This holds a fascination.


Documentary, news, famous place. 


My creative video is recognizable conceptual image of subjects. 

It can be the view of a city, conceptual view of grass under the sun, relaxive atmosphere and freshness of the sea seen on a video of a beach. 


Fine Art Photography


Concert photographer.
I love concert photo. I made photos on up to 500 different concerts.
There are two sides of my vision of concert photo. First is to make professional portrait in the interior of scene. Second is to show the concert atmosphere.

Concert photo 2000-present

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