Portfolio Andrey Denisyuk / ThisNight

Professional videographer and photographer

• 8K Super UHD videographer 

Rights-Managed video - contributor of GettyImages

Rights-Managed video - contributor of Dissolve

Royalty-Free video - Exclusive artist of iStockPhoto and GettyImages

Documentary Films

Concert photographer 

My current interest is to make 8k video. 
I make 8K video - real-time, timelapse, hyperlapse. 
8K Super Ultra High-definition video (UHDTV) is jumbo size 7680 × 4320 (33.2 megapixels).
It is Hi-tech, unique, and Exceptional video. This holds a fascination.
You can see my 8k videos in section 8K Stock Footage on this site.

8K video

Our documentary films are short video stories. They include author’s narrative, attractive videos, professional voice-over, pleasant narration, which not only offers viewers useful information but complete immersion and a sense of relaxation as well. 


Documentary, news, famous place. 

Rights-ready creative video.

To license Right-Manager video please go to GettyImeges

Rights-Managed video

My vision on Rights-Managed video -  highly produced and difficult to recreate, unique and extraordinary stock footage.

Rights-Managed video

To license Right-Manager video please go to Dissolve.com

Rights-Managed video

My RF video is recognizable conceptual image of subjects. 

It can be the view of a city, conceptual view of grass under the sun, relaxive atmosphere and freshness of the sea seen on a video of a beach. 

Royalty-Free video

To license Royalty-Free video please go to iStockPhoto and GettyImages

Royalty-Free video

Concert photographer.
I love concert photo. I made photos on up to 500 different concerts.
There are two sides of my vision of concert photo. First is to make professional portrait in the interior of scene. Second is to show the concert atmosphere.

Concert photo 2000-2009

Concert photo