Andrey Denisyuk /ThisNight

Professional videographer and photographer 

Andrey Denisyuk has more than 10 years of experience on iStock, GettyImages, and other stocks. He is one of the best stock authors specializing in subject matters like nature and cityscapes. 


He has tens of thousands of sold videos via RightsFree license. 
His videos that are sold via Rights Ready (Rights Management) license are used by companies, such as: NBC Universal Digital CNBC, Bloomberg LP Group, Microsoft Multimedia Publishing, CBS Television Studios, The Economist Newspaper Limited, Time Inc, Dow Jones & Company, Inc, CRTV, China FotoPress, Al Jazeera Media Network, Group Nine Media. 


Andrey Denisyuk was one of the first ones who started working with format 8K UltraHD video. His 8K videos are so creative, high-tech and high quality that they are being used as a demo to show opportunities of the newest 8K TVs Samsung on exhibitions IFA and CES. And will be used in TV shops all over the world. 


Having been travelling all over the world, he is the author of the video Travel Guide. These videos convey the atmosphere of places, immersing the viewers into the travel destination. 


Andrey likes to show emotion and capture the moment on concert photo. 

• videographer of 8K Super UHD video
Rights-ready video - contributor of GettyImages

Rights-Managed video - contributor of Dissolve

Royalty-Free video - Exclusive artist of iStockPhoto and GettyImages

Concert photographer 

Other experiences

• techical skills, engenner, software devoloper
• University Degree. Physicist

Nataliya Denisyuk /Nataliya8K

Professional Videographer 8K, Creator Video Travel Guide

While being a videographer of 8K SuperUltraHD video, she has created video artworks of Thai temples. Her works are also being used for demo TVs and are being displayed on IFA and CES. 

She is the creator, producer and scriptwriter of a Video Travel Guide.


She explores 8K format and writes articles related to this.