Andrey Denisyuk /ThisNight

Andrey is a creative videographer and photographer. His work was presented the world's first 8K TV Samsung Q900 at the world famous IFA exhibition in Berlin. 

Rights-Free. Andrey has been involved in video stocks since the creation of video stocks. He was one of the first to apply similar color correction used in photography to stock video color grading. This was featured on the renowned photo and video stock Istock when he was voted Videographer of the Month. Andrey specializes in subject matter, like nature and cityscapes, and he also creates Computer Generation concept videos.

Rights-Ready (RIght Manager - Editorial Use Video). His strong reporting style and his unique vision are sought after by the leading Mass Media of the world, including 20th Century Fox Television, ABC News, AE Television Networks, American Media, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CBS, Cheddar Inc., Buzzfeed, CNBC, CNN, CONDE NAST DIGITAL, Digital Trends, Dow Jones & Company, E Online, E News TV, ESPN, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Fox News, Galaxy Media, Golf Channel, Group Nine, Meredith, Microsoft Multimedia, National Geographic, NBC, New York Observer, New York Post, Time, Universal Television, Vice, Vix, Viacom, ViacomCBS, Warner Bro, Yahoo Entertainment,  

FOXTEL (Australia), RTBF (Belgium), Corus Television (Canada), RADIO FRANCE (France), EWE TEL (Germany), RTL DISNEY Fernsehen (Germany), Rai Radiotelevisione (Italy), NHK (Japan), MBC (Republic of Korea), LG Display (Republic of Korea), Al Jazeera (Qatar), Match TV (Russian Federation), SRG SSR (Switzerland), Asharq News Services (United Arab Emirates), The Economist Newspaper Limited (United Kingdom), Ink Publishing (United Kingdom), Financial Times Video (United Kingdom), Discovery Corporate Services L (United Kingdom), Trailer Park (United Kingdom), Newsroom Ai Ltd (United Kingdom) - AI Global Media, Cambridge University Press (United Kingdom), CNBC UK Limited (United Kingdom), ITN Limited (United Kingdom).

While filming the video, Andrei visited numerous countries around the world. His videos show Asia, Europe, America. His videos are different in that they convey the atmosphere of places, fully immersing the viewers into the travel destination.

8K Super UHD video. Having received his education at the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University, one of the best scientific universities in Russia, even in the creative profession he remained faithful to his alma mater - physics. His education allows him to deal with art video projects of the highest technical complexity: from engineering complex devices for shooting (motion control, ultra-high resolution for video filming) and up to creating standard video in color gamut for new TVs on the new Quantum Dot technology. His video was used by Samsung to unveil the world's first 8K TV Samsung Q900 and to promote its 8K TV lineup.

Concert photography. From 2000 to 2010, Andrey was engaged in concert photography in Russia and was the creator, editor-in-chief and photographer of magazine, a magazine about cultural life in Russia. Andrey likes to show emotion and capture the moment in concert photo. ... his photo captures the highlights of the performances of high profile celebrities in Russia and the most famous musicians in the world, including Dio, Heaven and Hell, Nightwish, Chris Rea, Doro, Status Quo, Down, Mark Knopfler, UDO and others.

With the greatest warmth, Andrey speaks about the following job. He has lived in Thailand for over 5 years and is very fond of its traditions, history and people of the country of smiles. He managed to express his gratitude to the Thai people through his creativity. His videos of Thailand's historic parks were used in the described above IFA exhibition. Visitors of the exhibition, readers of reports about this presentation, people from all over the world saw images of Thai temples (UNESCO heritage).