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Andrey, fine art photographer and video art artist.

In his fine art photos, Andrey shows the world around him. Through photographs, he reflects his vision of the surrounding world. Andrey reveals his thoughts and emotions, finds harmony, produces images of creativity, discovers a new essence, shows his imagination, finds the aesthetics of the objects around you, and reveals the philosophy of being.

Andrey uses photography to reveal his own world, through an artistic medium to convey an idea, inspiration, and his emotion. Each Andrey’s photograph is based on a conceptual message that he sends to the viewer from within himself.

In his fine art photos, Andrey strives to understand, explore, find new meaning, and express new ideas, harmony, meanings through the aesthetics of visual art.

The idea that runs through all of Andrey's work is the juxtaposition of opposites. Some of Andrey's works are based on the creative demonstration of these opposites to the viewer. In others, he seeks the harmony of the contradictions of different entities. Thirdly, the meeting of opposite entities generates an explosion, giving rise to new ideas and meanings.

In search of understanding of the world, Andrey traveled the whole world. He traveled with his camera in Europe, Asia, and America. But Thailand occupies a special place in his work. Thailand is a country that carefully preserves its history, even though Thailand is one of the fastest developing countries, drawing a beautiful urban futuristic world through Andrey's camera. The past and the future are intertwined in the modern kingdom of Siam. Therefore, many of Andrey's works were created in Thailand.

In his art photos, Andrey often uses the image of the modern world. In this case, the opposite is the retro style of the image created by Andrey. One of Andrey's inspirations is photographer Ansel Adams. Many of Andrey's works, especially those based on photographs from the USA, are made in Adam’s style, developing his ideas of modernity with the visual aesthetics of the image.

Most of Andrey’s work is occupied by the Old World. Fine art photography, based on images from the United Kingdom and France, shows us London and Paris from a new perspective. In his photographs, one can see both the opposition of the old architecture to the vanity of the modern city, and the world in reflections. As another example of Andrey's creative perception, his image of The National Gallery from Trafalgar Square. The photograph looks like an artist's canvas, thereby showing through the appearance of the museum what is shown within its walls. In their work, Moonrise and St. Paul Cathedral Andrey finds the harmony of the spiritual and the object of the physical universe. In his fine art photos, Andrey shows a new romantic side of Paris, through the harmony of light, the perception of the city of love through loneliness, through the joy of contemplation.

Andrey's fine art photos have been exhibited in art galleries around the world, Thailand (Sathorn 11 art Gallery), USA (Art Show International Gallery), United Kingdom (THE HOLY ART, Boomer Gallery - Tower Bridge London), Germany, Ukraine, Russia (Artservatory, Designcollector).

Andrey's work is based on the New Vision direction of photography. Andrey complements it with a modern artistic vision, new with its own laws of composition and artistic perception, fine art direction. Andrey's lens reveals new laws of harmony of lines and light, conveying new essences, ideas, patterns and charm of the world.

While experimenting with visual images, Andrey finds new forms for a specific medium of artistic expression while working in fine art photography. Andrey is an original photo artist who develops fine art photography with his creativity.

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