Andrey Denisyuk /ThisNight

Andrey is a creative videographer and photographer.

My particular passion in creating creative images (still, video, concept, CGI) is the desire to show the beauty of our world through my personal creative vision of different countries of the world. United States Major Media FORBES talks about this my side of creativity in the article “Thailand as seen through the lens of Andrey Denisyuk."

The creation of images for Mass Media requires a documentary reflection of reality. Using advanced shooting and editing techniques, you can get a more expressive and attractive creative image. The level of an artist can be easily determinable with the following: who is buying their production. My images are used by leading Mass Media around the world such as Bloomberg, Microsoft Publishing, New York Post, Forbes, Yahoo, BuzzFeed and other.

My scientific education led me to create art “hi-tech” images. These images conform to the latest video standards such as Ultra-high-definition television 8K Super UHD with Wide Color Gamut Rec. 2100. My images are used to demonstrate the capabilities of new TVs. An example of such cooperation is the use of my artwork by the Korean company Samsung Electronics в 2019-2020 Samsung 8K TV Worldwide Presentation.

The new TVs allow the artist to work with an expanded color palette, greater color depth, resolution, far beyond the capabilities of pre-existing visualization methods such as TV, photo, print, and paintings. In other words, modern technologies give the artist unprecedented tools for creativity and are able to give rise to new types of art. My artwork has been shown at the IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. 

I am inspired by the possibility to develop new art that appears at the intersection of the possibilities of new technologies and art.


Concert photography. From 2000, Andrey was engaged in concert photography in Russia and was the creator, editor-in-chief and photographer of magazine, a magazine about cultural life in Russia. Andrey likes to show emotion and capture the moment in concert photo. ... his photo captures the highlights of the performances of high profile celebrities in Russia and the most famous musicians in the world, including Dio, Heaven and Hell, Nightwish, Chris Rea, Doro, Status Quo, Down, Mark Knopfler, UDO and others.

With the greatest warmth, Andrey speaks about the following job. He has lived in Thailand for over 5 years and is very fond of its traditions, history and people of the country of smiles. He managed to express his gratitude to the Thai people through his creativity. His videos of Thailand's historic parks were used in the described above IFA exhibition. Visitors of the exhibition, readers of reports about this presentation, people from all over the world saw images of Thai temples (UNESCO heritage).

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