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What does ‘exclusive rights’ mean? 
Exclusive rights is a license that represents a full ownership of the bought video. 
A buyer gets all rights, except he can’t claim that the video was created by him. If you bought this video it will not be resold again. (The author has the right to use this video in his portfolio. But this can be changed additionally.) 

Why do you sell 8k videos by ‘exclusive rights’ license? 
8k videos right now are Exclusive Exceptional videos. This video would attract a lot of attention to your company, so much that it will be associated with your company. The video you buy will only be yours.
And it wouldn’t look as good if your opponents or just some other companies would use the same video.


How can I buy 8K videos? 
To buy the videos, please, contact me on . 

F.A.Q. 8K stock video

I couldn’t find the right 8K video which I need. Can you make video on demand? 
Yes, I am open to cooperation. Contact me if you have any requests or offers for me. I will gladly make one or few video for you, or even work with you. 

How can I buy your RM and RF videos?
You can license my RM an RF videos

• Right-Manager video on

• Royalty-Free video on iStockPhoto and GettyImages

I sell my RM and RF videos only through specified stocks. 

How can I buy your concert photos? 
Concert photos shown in my portfolio were shot in 2001-2009. 
I do not sell those photos. But if you like any of them, and would like to use them, contact me, and I will give you them for free (as a gift). Only unless this particular photo wasn’t sold earlier. 
If you like the style of my concert photos, I am open to cooperate. I like to shoot concerts. I’ve been busy for the past few years with other projects.  However, now I would gladly come back to concert photo for single or permanent time. Contact me. 

If you have other questions or offers of cooperation, contact me

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